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  • Codey's Quest - Learn how to write/edit code to construct computer-generated drawings.
  • Dance Mat Typing - An introduction to typing for children ages 7-11.
  • Fun to Type - A library of several typing games.
  • Hour of Code - a global movement to introduce computer programing to tens of millions of students worldwide through Khan Academy.
  • Keyboard Climber - You can help a monkey jump to the moon with your typing skills.
  • Keyboard Climber 2 -  Help a monkey jump to the top of a cave with your awesome keyboard skills.
  • Scratch -  a visual programming language shared by over 800,000 students who have shared over 1.7 million projects.
  • Typing Games - Another library of fun typing games.



Language Tools

  • Diamante Poems - Use this generator to create your diamante poem.
  • Wordle - Generate word clouds from text that you provide.





Alegebraic Concepts

Data & Probability


Geometry & Spacial Sense 



Literacy in Math


Math Tools




Fifth Grade


Forces In Motion

Objects In the Sky

Systems and Survival


Science Tools

  • Exploratorium - Explore, play, discover.
  • Wind Map -View real time wind patterns for the continental United States.


Sixth Grade 

Energetic Connections


The Planet Rock

  • Geography for Kids - Learn about the world around you by selecting a geographic topic of interest.
  • Geology for Kids - Here you will find out stuff about rocks and minerals and where to go to learn more.

Earth: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

  • Earth from Space - Amazing views of our planet from space.
  • Geography for Kids - Learn about the world around you by selecting a geographic topic of interest.
  • Geology for Kids - Here you will find out stuff about rocks and minerals and where to go to learn more.

Energy in an Ecosystem


Literacy in Science



  • Exploratorium - Explore, play, discover.
  • Scale of the Universe - Zoom from the edge of the universe to the quantum foam of spacetime and learn about everything in between.




  • Digital History - Eras, topics, references, timelines, make this site an amazing resource of American History.
  • Ancient Greece - This is your source of information from the Minoans, the Mycenaeans, to the Myths of ancient Greece.


  • Ben's Guide to Government - Ben Franklin teaches you everything you need to know, from our Founding Fathers to our Courts. Fun games, too.
  • The White House - Your source of information about the staff, issues, places, tours, etc.



Literacy in Social Studies

  •  Mayflower Compact - A video that encourages us to consider the entire document as a primary source.

Social Studies Tools

  • CultureGrams - Discover the world with concise cultural and statistical snapshots of every country recognized by the United Nations.
  • Social Studies Alive- This online tutorial and practice quiz site will help you study for each fifth grade unit test.
  • Create a Graph - Use this tool to create a bar, line, area, pie, or x/y graph.



  • Know Your Numeros - Click the numbers along the top of the screen to participate in 9 different number practice games.
  • ¿Qué Color Es? - Tell La Rana Freda what color you see.
  • Colores Simon - Repeat the color pattern that the toes show you, listen and watch closely!
  • Know Your Formas - Click on the numbers along the top of the page and participate in 6 different shapes practice games.
  • Los Meses del Año - Learn all of the months of the year.
  • ¡Viva México! - Puzzle piece together the 31 different states of Mexico.
  • Bicycle Race Game - Show your vocabulary skills!! Beat the computer in this English/Spanish vocabulary race.
  • Animales and More - Learn and practice your vocabulary for ALL kinds of animals!
  • ABC’s- Want to learn your abc’s in Spanish? Practice here!


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